EZProxy Bookmarklet

This is a bookmarket that will reroute a current page through Albright Library EZproxy.
Drag the link above to the bookmark toolbar of your web browser to create a bookmark (Full-Text from Albright College Gingrich Library).
How to use/test (off-campus access) Click the (Full-Text from Albright College Gingrich Library) bookmark (on the bookmark toolbar) when you are on a webpage that has an academic article.
It will ask you to log in through the Albright College EZProxy (felix.albright.edu), using your Albright LionLink account information.
Once you are authenticated and the library has a subscription to the journal, you will will able to get the full-text article on the page.
Look at the url and see if it contains felix.albright.edu. If it does, the bookmarklet is working.