Welcome to Albright Interlibrary Loan Service (Albright Tipasa)

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Albright Tipasa

Albright I.L.L./Tipasa is the Gingrich Library's Web-based interlibrary loan service. Albright Tipasa allows you to place and track requests for journal articles and books not available at the Gingrich Library, using a web browser or modern mobile device.

Current students, faculty and staff at Albright College who are in good standing and have a valid Albright LionLink computer network/Moodle username and password can use Albright Tipasa to request materials.

  • Since most of Albright's online databases support Albright Tipasa direct I.L.L. request via their sites, information from those databases can easily be imported into Albright Tipasa .
  • You can get many of your photocopies more quickly through Electronic Delivery (requires latest free version of Adobe's Acrobat Reader which you can download at https://www.adobe.com).
  • You can get information about the status of your request through the Web at any time from any location without having to call the InterLibrary Loan Department.

We recommended the latest version of Firefox or Chrome.  In order to use electronic delivery, you must also have Acrobat Reader.

Already registered (one-time registration) a Tipasa account: Logging into Albright ILL/Tipasa User Portal with your LionLink username and password to view/create ILL request or update your contact information.

First-time Tipasa/I.L.L user: Logging into First Time Tipasa/ILL user with your Albright College LionLink network username and password to register for a Tipasa account (one-time registration) before you can submit a request.
Please make sure your information is correct/up-to-date, e.g., where you take classes, contact email phone and home address/college box number information.
For those students taking ADP classes (Lancaster, Blue Bell, etc.) offsite please enter your current home address so items may be send to you using the USPS.

Your Albright Tipasa userid and password is the same as your Albright LionLink userid and password, so if you ask for assistance, the password will be reset by the DSI department. Remember that any request to change one of these passwords changes all of them.

If you need a password reset on one of these accounts, please e-mail (), submit a ticket via TopDesk system call (610-921-7676) or stop by the DSI Client Service in the Center for Computing & Mathematics (CCM), M-F 7:45 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Please bring your student ID if visiting the Client Service. By phone, you may be asked to confirm certain identifying information. For security purposes, DSI staff cannot reset passwords using email.

Incorrect Password
Your Albright Tipasa userid and password is the same as your Albright LionLink userid and password. The password is case sensitive. Please make sure that your Albright LionLink account is valid/active by trying to log into our Canvas site.
If you can login to the Canvas site then please contact the library ILL staff (contact info below) for assistance.
If you cannot log into Canvas then please contact Albright DSI for assistance or try to reset your password

Tipasa Account Not found
Your Albright LionLink login is valid but you do not have an Albright Tipasa account. Please log-in First Time Tipasa/ILL user with your Albright College LionLink network username and password to create your InterLibrary Loan (Tipasa) account.
Your Albright Tipasa account may take up to 24 hours to be active.

Yes. Web browsers cache information and create a history file on the local workstation. This allows a subsequent user of the workstation to access the system under your name using the browser's Back button to recall a page from the cache, or by finding a page with your personal information in the browser's history file.

This is not the case when you use an Albright computer. If you are concerned about the security of your interlibrary loan requests, you can take the following steps:

  • Access Albright Tipasa only from your personal computer or an otherwise secure workstation.
  • When using a public access workstation:
    1. Always Logout of Albright Tipasa before you visit other site or close the browser
    2. Delete from the history file those pages that contain your personal information.
    3. Exit from the Web browser before you leave the workstation. This prevents the Back button from accessing the pages you were using.

From time to time we purge older records of what you request from Albright Tipasa . Our policy is to keep requests online for several years order to comply with record keeping requirements of the copyright law. The actual full text articles will disappear in 30 days or 3 views. The only way to see the article after that time, if you did not download a copy, is to make a new request.

Many libraries ship photocopies of articles to us in electronic format and through Albright Tipasa we are able to deliver these articles in PDF format (Portable Document Format).

Electronic delivery is enabled when you create your account. You do not need to sign up but you must opt-in to receive update from your library.

You will need PDF Reader (Adobe Acrobat Reader) installed and configured to work with your Web browser in order to view, download, and print these articles. If you can read the sample page, then your computer has the necessary software installed to work with your Web browser. However, if your computer tells you the file type is unknown and asks if you want to save the file to disk, then you need to install the PDF Reader software.

  1. Logon to
  2. Click the Interlibrary Loan Requests accordion (if not already selected) to displays all of your ILL requests.
  3. Click the Available to view (will open up a new window) to view the article and we highly recommended that you download the pdf file. The pdf file(s) is only available for 30 days OR 5 views (5 clicks) after they are posted. We recommend that you download anything of interest since your will need to resubmit the request if the article is needed after 30 days or viewed 5 times.

Albright Tipasa sends you an e-mail notification for each item received. Albright Tipasa will uses the email address that is listed in your account. It is very important that you keep this email address updated and that you check this email account regularly.

Albright Tipasa sends you an e-mail notification for each item received. That e-mail will include information about the delivery method.

At present, the only items we can deliver to you electronically are those which we have received electronically scanned from another library or those being sent to ADP students studying at sites other than the Reading campus.

The technology that we use sends a Session ID to be stored on your machine. You can refuse this cookie and still be able to use Albright Tipasa without any problems. Check your browser's help file for information on deleting cookies.

Albright Tipasa should not be used to borrow textbooks or course materials since that is against the US ILL Code and the Pennsylvania ILL Code. We do not request dissertations. It is rare that we are able to receive the following: academic audiovisual materials, or selected international publications that are not published in English.

  • Submitted- The request has been submitted and is waiting for ILL staff to review, process and request the item from another library.
  • In Transit - The requested item is in transit and is being routed to the borrower/Library.
  • Due [date] - The requested item was received and checked out to you. It is important that ILL books be returned by the due date because the lending library may suspend our borrowing privileges if we return books late.
  • Canceled - Library staff or patron canceled the request.
  • Unable to provide - Library staff were unable to borrow the requested item.
  • Available to view - The requested item is available to view/download. These items are only available for 30 days or 5 Views after they are posted. We recommend that you download anything of interest since your will need to resubmit the request if the article is needed after 30 days or 5 view/click.
  • Complete - Once an article request has been delivered to you, or a book request has been returned to the lending library, the request goes to "Complete" status. If you have not yet received the item, it may be on its way to you via campus mail.

Article requests are often received in three to five business days. Books not owned by Albright College take longer to arrive since they have to be shipped to that campus via U.S. Mail or UPS. If you need an item by a particular date, please contact a library staff member to make sure that we can meet your deadline.

The Cancel button appears if the status is Submitted. To cancel a request, click Cancel button.

Click the Create Request and copy the information from a cancelled request and submit it as new request.

Patrons can submit renewal requests on the Albright Tipasa web pages for items that are at the status of Checked Out to Customer. If Lending library have allowed renewals for an item and if the item is within the allowable time range, the Renew button will appear.
Please note: The book is not renewed (yet). You have only requested a renewal. Library staff will contact the lending library and request that the book be renewed. We will contact you when we find out if the renewal is approved or denied.
  • You may only request a renewal 7 days or less before the due date.
  • No renewals may be requested after the due date.

You can update your Albright Tipasa Account Detail at Tipasa InterLibrary Loan Profile or contact the Library InterLibary Loan Office.

Interlibrary Loan hours are from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday through Friday.
Phone: (610) 921-7517
Fax: (610) 921-7509
Email: libraryill@albright.edu