The Children are the Garden of the Revolution: Biblioteca Infantil (4/4)
The children are the garden of the revolution, which was painted in the children's library of Luis Alfonso Velásquez, is related to the literacy movement in Nicaragua. The mural was completed in 1984 by North American artists in solidarity with Nicaraguans and was destroyed in 1992. This colorful mural has many images of children, and there are building blocks with Spanish words such as "esperanza" (hope), "amistad" (friendship), "alegría" (happiness), "justicia" (justice), "paz" (peace), "unidad" (unity), "amor" (love), "sobriedad" (sobriety), and "dignidad" (dignity). These values show the hope for a future better than the present situation of Nicaragua. The mural emphasizes diversity and a large map with the words "declaración de solidaridad internacional" (declaration of international solidarity) symbolizes a connection with the rest of the world. On one side of the mural is a woman with a weapon embracing two children and on the other side of the library. On the other side of the library is a painting of Augusto Sandino, hence the iconic sombrero, with a baby in his arms. Archived by Leah Williams. Photographed by David Schwartz, Albright College, 1984.
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