Village Life (1/2)
Village Life was located on the other side of El Encuentro in Luis Alfonso Velásquez Park. The mural was painted by three different artists, including Manuel García, Hilda Vogle and Julie Aguirre in 1980 and was destroyed by the government in 1990. With bright, optimistic colors, the mural reinforces hope for a better future. The mural, an example of the primitivism style, shows details of peasant life in the village, but the painted image is not the reality of people living in poverty in Nicaragua, especially during the revolution. In addition, the mural contrasts the country versus city life. The mural shows a great deal of flowers, animals, houses, children playing and evidence of a colorful life. In addition, there FSLN flags pictured that emphasize support for the Sandinistas. A street in the mural shows demonstrations in favor of the literacy campaign. For example, three men in the mural have a poster that reads "Alfabetización es liberación," or in English, "Literacy is freedom." Although this colorful life is unrealistic for peasants, the mural captures the spirit of the people during a period of revolution. Archived by Leah Williams. Photographed by David Schwartz, Albright College, 1981.
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