"Bienvenidos a la patria de Sandino"
On a building, a sign that reads "Bienvenidos a la patria de Sandino" appears to be covering up a previous sign, though it is unclear what the words are underneath the newer sign. The English translation is "Welcome to the homeland of Sandino." An image of Augusto Sandino, Nicaraguan revolutionary leader wearing his iconic sombrero, can be seen to the left of the text. Additional text reads: "FSLN es nuestra vanguardia," or in English "FSLN is our forefront." Another poster reads: "Bienvenidos a Nicaragua Libre Companeros Latinoamericanos al III congreso Fesitraucam," or in English, "Welcome to free Nicaragua Latin American Companions to the Third Congress of Fesitraucam." Archived by Leah Williams. Photographed by Professor David Schwartz, Albright College, 1981.
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