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This is a bookmarket that will reroute a current page through Albright Library EZproxy.
Drag the link above to the bookmark toolbar of your web browser to create a bookmark (Full-Text from Albright College Gingrich Library).
How to use/test (off-campus access) Click the (Full-Text from Albright College Gingrich Library) bookmark (on the bookmark toolbar) when you are on a webpage that has an academic article.
It will ask you to log in through the Albright College EZProxy (felix.albright.edu), using your Albright LionLink account information.
Once you are authenticated and the library has a subscription to the journal, you will will able to get the full-text article on the page.
Look at the url and see if it contains felix.albright.edu. If it does, the bookmarklet is working.

Gingrich Library online library services, in additional to the Library LION (Library Information Online Network) you can use from your computer or mobile phone at home or in the library.

Current resources/services available at this site:

Awesome at the Albright College Library
The Awesome Box (based on Harvard Library Innovation Lab's Awesome box project) allows the Albright College community to see what others have found helpful, entertaining, or mind-blowing at the Library!

 Library Calendar
Display the library's open hours and event information

Digital Archive and Special Collections
Online access to digital copy of the College's records, Albrightiana, yearbooks, catalog, manuscripts, photographs and other collections.  Some collections will be restricted and requires login with Albright College LionLink network/Moodle account.

Room Reservation
Display scheduled class(es) and open lab hours for M-08 Media Classroom.  Display reserved and available time slot for Group Study Room B.
Required login to schedule Media Classroom (only faculty and staff may reserve this room) or Group Study Room B and check the status.

Student Job Application 
Required login to view, submit new application and check on the status of submitted application.

Albright I.L.L. (Interlibrary Loan)

Albright I.L.L.  is a free service  open to the Albright College community of current students, faculty and staff who have an Albright College LionLink network/Moodle account.

Can't locate an item you need? We can help! Any Albright student, faculty member or staff member with a valid Albright College LionLink account can use our interlibrary loan service to request materials that the Albright College Library does not own or have access to via electronic subscription.  Once the request is received, the Gingrich Library borrows that material from an ILL participating library.

Albright I.L.L. FAQ

to learn more about Albright Interlibrary Loan system

Gingrich Library EZproxy Bookmarklet
How to use Gingrich library Ezproxy bookmarklet to reload (via library’s EZProxy gateway) the academic article/database site from a non-Library source (such as a Google search or an emailed link to an article).

Employment Opportunities

The library has approximately 20 student positions in total that we hire. Visit http://library.albright.edu/employment for current open position(s).  If you want to confirm if there are any open positions, contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Visit Handshake for job application (Effective 5-1-19): https://albright.joinhandshake.com/login

In additon to college records, and Albrightiana including publications like yearbooks and college catalogs, Special Collections and College Archives houses a variety of other collections, e.g., manuscripts, photographs, and rare books.

Manuscript Collections

Rare Books

Photograph Collections

Digital Library

Special Collections

Library services website is a supplement to the Gingrich LION (Library Information and Online Network) to provides additional user (and mobile) friendly online access to the library’s services and resources. 

The resources/services available at this site:

              Reservation system for the library Media Classroom and Group Study Room B

    • Library Student Job Application [New version scheduled for Falls 2016]

                          ***PDF version is available at Library Student Employment Application

              Online application (with progress tracking) for library student employment at the library

           Online access to the College/library Special Collections and Archives materials

 this site is a work in progress ...please check back often for updates

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