Nicaraguan Building with Augusto Sandino Quote

Collection: Nicaragua Revolution: David Schwartz Collection

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A poster on the building contains the quote often quoted by Augusto Sandino in Nicaraguan political billboards and art: "Solo los obreros y campesinos llegaran hasta el fin, solo su fuerza organizada nos dara la victoria." The English translation is "Only the workers and peasants will last until the end, only your organized strength will give us the victory." The building contains two additional posters. One appears to be a portrait of Carlos Fonseca, founder of FSLN. Another, which may be a representation of Augusto Sandino as the trademark sombrero indicates, pictures a man holding two rifles surrounded by words that are not entirely clear. Archived by Leah Williams. Photographed by Professor David Schwartz, Albright College, 1984.
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