Augusto Sandino's Image with Political Statements in Parking Lot

Collection: Nicaragua Revolution: David Schwartz Collection

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What appears to be a small stadium with a parking lot contains Augusto Sandino's image in middle with words on both sides. The left side reads: "La unidad nacional contra el imperialismo y la reaccion es por la patria y la revolucion." In English, this translates to "National unity against imperialism and the reaction is for the motherland and the revolution." The right side reads "Reafirmamos el caracter popular y sandinista de nuestra revolucion," which translates to "We reaffirm the popular Sandinista character of our revolution." Red and black colors of the FSLN flag are used behind both phrases. Archived by Leah Williams. Photographed by Professor David Schwartz, Albright College, 1981.
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